Diaries from Finland

We are almost ready for Sheffield. But we have great memories and moments from Klaukkala to share.
We have chosen a new tool to present our experience in Finland.
Working in European projects provides students and teachers with different opportunities. Team work, active participation, social skills. Why don’t you join our next project?

5 comentarios sobre “Diaries from Finland”

    1. It’s much more than going places. It’s about working in a different way, about building our own knowledge, about sharing what we find out, about learning how to belong to a team group, about using ICT, about considering foreign cultures and languages an advantage.
      You are already doing this in SOFT.
      And of course, meeting new people. We will.

  1. yes,we have to work a lot to get this price,but it is not only a price, it is a new thing for us,that we learn with it.It is funny and at the same time,knowledge

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